Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 16, 2016 7:00-10:00 PM Pandeiro/Repique Duo and Friends at Rittenhouse Soundworks

From Rio
The Pandeiro Repique Duo & Friends Come To Philadelphia

About PRD/Mais (Pandeiro Repique Duo and more)

Bernardo Aguiar and Gabriel Policarpo ( PRD) are both steeped in the tradition of the Rio Samba Schools. They have a deep love, understanding and respect for that tradition and it forms the basis for their own compositions. Their exceptional percussive abilities have led them into new collaborations all over the world.

Since its inception, The Pandeiro Repique Duo have been making heads turn all over the world. How could two percussionists, playing such simple instruments make such a huge impact? This delicacy and nuance is usually reserved for the classical stage. In their performances, rhythms dance and timbres shift color as they move about the stage. Audiences are transported into a new understanding of rhythm as melody.

This time, the two brothers, Guillermo and Gustavo Oliveira (assistant directors of the Salgueiro Samba School in Rio De Janeiro) will be joining Bernardo and Gabriel of PRD. The ensemble also includes, (Master of the Timbau), Boka Reis and Brian Potts (Pandeiro, vibraphone and professor PhD from the University of Miami Music). As if that weren't enough, the great saxophonist and flutist Carlos Malta will be joining them for a once in a lifetime event here at Rittenhouse Soundworks.

Tickets; $20 at the door Free Parking at the lot next door

Rittenhouse Soundworks
219 W. Rittenhouse St.
Philadelphia, Pa

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