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April 2, 2016 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM The Jam Jawn with Eric Walt at Dahlak Paradise

Drum Like a Lady Presents

THE JAM JAWN |Philly's Ultimate Jam Session Series
Featuring Eric Walt
Host: LaTreice V Branson

Have you ever wanted to jam with your favorite musician? I mean, you've been going to all the shows, and you know all the songs. Would you like to participate in how the artist creates their signature grooves and melodies, transcending genre, developing musical arrangements and lyrics, blending traditional and unconventional soundscapes?
Well, that is the essence of "THE JAM JAWN".

Eric Walton Jr. is a keyboardist and cinematic producer hailing from Burlington, New Jersey. Eric considers himself a jack-of-many-trades – being involved in production, live performance, and a bit of composition, all encompassing many different genres, it would be quite difficult to put him in one place. But being involved with so many different things is what keeps him going, and he hopes to continue growing as a musician, and as a producer.

Eric was classically trained in piano starting at the age of 6 and had continued until the age of 14, when he played piano in the Burlington Township High School jazz band. Switching between concert and jazz band, all while juggling classwork and football, he became more and more involved in music until he went to Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006. There, he discovered and began experimenting with production, primarily working in electronic and ambient music.

After graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Statistics and returning to Burlington, Eric was approached by a high school friend named Art Crichlow to join an R&B/soul cover band, and for two years he had played live shows and helped arrange music for the band. Since then, he had gained experience playing with bands and artists in different genres, but he mostly enjoys jamming with other musicians. For him, it acts as a form of communication, a means of knowing someone in a way that a normal conversation may not offer.

Eric works full time as a QA rep at Freedom Mortgage and continues to engage in musical activities when he is not in the office. Currently, he is the keyboardist for Philadelphia pop artist Giada J., has played for Cole Redding, a pop/soul singer in Philadelphia, and is currently working on his hybrid cinematic project Xenomisia. He always looks forward for the next opportunity to hone his skills, meet and work with other artists and musicians, and expand his horizons.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to jamming with this musical artisan!

The Jam Session (starts @ 10pm]
Instrument Load-in @ 9:45pm
Bring your voices, amps, sticks, horns and more...let's create something spectacular!

The jam is FREE & Open to All
THE JAM JAWN, "Where musicians NEVER PAY 2 PLAY"

Dahlak Paradise
4708 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa

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