Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 30, 2016 7:00-10:30 PM Poet-tree EnMotion:Honoring Her-story & the Spring Equinox! at The Rotunda


Poet-Tree En Motion series to feature spoken-word, hip-hop, 3-D animation, acrylic paintings, West African drumming, rock 'n' roll,
hoop dance, flow arts and more March 30 in West Philly.
PHILADELPHIA - Women's History Month in March is a time to recognize the often-unsung achievements of women around the world. In Philadelphia, the work of some of the region's most-talented female artists gets celebrated every year at Poet-tree En Motion's free event "Womyn's Her-Stories in the Midst."

The ninth-annual multidisciplinary art event is scheduled for 7pm Wednesday, March 30 at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia. In the tradition of all of the Poet-tree En Motion events, occurring three times a year, the artist lineup will include an eclectic array of talent.

"Womyn's Her-Stories in the Midst" will feature spoken-word, hip-hop, 3-D animation, acrylic paintings, West African drumming, rock 'n' roll, hoop dance, flow arts and more. Every Poet-tree En Motion event features an open-mic/open-stage and a jam session to showcase the talents of the community. Signups can be made at the start of the event.

"Throughout all of the events, there is an engagement with the community," says Poet-tree En Motion founder and resident artist Gabrielle de Burke. "I'm trying to do something different that's not just an open mic night. I like when there's a range of performances at the events. The whole thing is a ritual - the coming together of the performers and the audience. I am down with everyone participating the way they feel. Poet-tree En Motion is an opportunity to give space to other artists."

Britt Gen
A multimedia artist blurring the lines of industry's standards. Her life inspirations led her to portray elements of trauma and divine beauty.

The Market-Frankford Forest Fairies
(Dana Ricci and Tara Adelizzi are Mz. Hula and HoopZ)
A hip-hop performance duo combining hoop dance, writing and music that explores flow arts and life in Philadelphia.

Plum Dragoness
(a.k.a. Gabrielle de Burke)
Resident artist and organizer for this event, known for her unique style of multi-disciplinary performance presentations and work as an arts educator.

The Primaries
Community-based Philly musicians, converging in dark venues, donning vibrant disguises to make sweet, sweet rock 'n' roll!

Jan Jefferies and M.O.M.
(Music Over Matter)
Under the expert tutelage of founder and percussionist Jan Jeffries, this dynamic percussion ensemble shares their tradition of West African drumming.

Ursula Rucker
A poet who's never been afraid to take it there - that place, deep, inside, up and above, where she carves emotion with piercing lyrical cadence.

This visual production artist focuses on creating visionary real-time 3-D animation and visuals, layering live-mixed effects until a static painting dances with life.
This is a free event, but donations are gratefully accepted.
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, Pa

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