Wednesday, March 29, 2017

April 4, 2017 7:30-10:00PM Nakatani Gong Orchestra & Tatsuya Nakatani solo

Fire Museum Presents: Nakatani Gong Orchestra & Tatsuya Nakatani solo

Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Tatsuya Nakatani (solo)

Tuesday, April 4th 8:00 PM
Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts
1400 N American St
$7-10 sliding scale

N.G.O. - Nakatani Gong Orchestra:

A contemporary live art sound project, N.G.O. has toured all over North and Central America. This is an ongoing, growing community engagement project and the only bowed-Gong orchestra in existence in the world today. The rich harmonies produced from multiple layers of bowed gongs are simply magic to anyone, engaging and inspiring the spirits of both the player and all who attend.

For each performance in a given city, gong players are selected by a local curator. Most are new to N.G.O. Nakatani gives a specialized training workshop to selected players in preparation for the performance. Players will also experience Nakatani's own unique point of view regarding Gong techniques, and will experience undiscovered dimensions while immersed in the vibrations and sounds during a training workshop. Nakatani is the composer and conductor for the performance.

Percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani was born and raised in Osaka-Japan. He currently resides in Easton, PA. He is a renowned recognized Percussionist/Drummer creating his own sound. Nakatani performs and tours all over the world for international Creative Music festivals and New Music festivals. He has taught master artist classes, workshops and given lectures, revolving around his unique sound, at a number of universities. His music has been published over sixty CD recordings in the USA and Europe. He has performed SOLO percussion for the majority of his musical career since the late 1990s at a countless number of venues of many sizes.

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