Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 25, 2017 10:00PM-2:00AM HIGH LIFE w/ DJs lil'dave & Shango with the Worldtown DJs

On Saturday 3/25, High Life decends once again on one of Philadelphia's newest venues, Club Mousai. This will be a dancefloor adventure with the sounds of deep & soulful house music, afrobeat rhythms, and some of the best dance classics. DJ lil'dave and DJ Shango will be in control of the soundwaves all night long with the help of our special guests the Worldtown DJs (Ben Arsenal + Femi Oluwafemi). While The Tribe Of Organic Mindz Kitakiya Dennis Omi Muhammad & Azru Soni brings Ancient Tribal Art & Healing.Dancers, music lovers, and good people come through and bring a friend.

SPECIAL GUEST: Eric Sherman On the Trumpet!!!
special guests:

Doors at 10pm. $5 Cover.

All going down at Club Mousai (inside CiBo Restaurant)

Kitakiya Dennis of @Intuitive Expressions: Tribal Art
"The “Tribal Transformation” is a celebration that speaks to all of us. It Promotes self healing, love and insight. My design process overlap geometric shapes, signs & symbols inspired by indigenous traditions and storytelling. Each custom adornment is a unique expression of a dialog between me, you and our ancestors. Lets see what wonders we create together."

Omi Muhammad: Tribal Art
"As a tribal body painter, I seek to reconnect and strengthen the bond between Individual and Inner Spirit. My style combines years of studying world cultures, science and mathematics with color therapy to reveal a reflection of you that is often overlooked in today's society."

Azru Soni: Kemetic Reiki Healing
"Energy Healing In The Form Of "Laying Hands" Is An Art That Has Been Practiced Throughout Ancient Times Whether By The Yogis Of India Or The High Priest Of Kemet. But the purpose of this healing is to raise ones vibrations, free up unwanted energy, reveal hidden messages, tune one in to higher frequencies, the purpose of energy healing is endless and reflects the situation of the one being healed"

Club Mousai
1227 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

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