Monday, May 22, 2017

May 28, 2017 4:30PM Workshop in Afro-Brazilian Percussion with Luizinho do Jeje

Workshops in Afro-Brazilian Percussion with Luizinho do Jeje

Sunday, May 28th at 4:30pm
$20 each

Wissahickon Dance Academy
38 East Schoolhouse Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144

For more info contact:
Luizinho will teach two courses (May 20 & 28) in Afro-Brazilian percussion including traditional rhythms from candomble and samba de roda as well as the original rhythms and breaks from bands like Timbalada, Ilê Aiyê and Olodum.

About Luizinho
Luizinho do Jeje was born and raised in the Terreiro do Bogum in the Engenho Velho da Federacao neighborhood of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He is the head alabe (percussionist) of the Terreiro do Bogum. Luizinho began his professional career as a member of the world famous Afro-Brazilian percussion band Olodum. With them he toured Japan, the United States, Europe and South America performing with Michael Jackson, Paul Simon and Sadao Watanabe, among others. Since leaving Olodum in the 1990s he has played with several Brazilian and international artists such as Virginia Rodrigues, Jimmy Cliff, Hassan Hakmoun, Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz, KoKo Dembele, Aldo Brizzi, Araketu Arthur Maia, Elpidio Bastos de Castro, Mariene and Marcia Freire. Currently, he is the principal percussionist for Daniela Mercury, one of the most famous singers in Brazil.

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